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September/October 2014


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Posted November 11, 2014


Part 3: The Physics of Heaven
A Serial Book Review & Theological Interaction

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[Ed. Note: The following article is part of an in-depth review by Pastor Larry DeBruyn of a book titled The Physics of Heaven: Exploring God’s Mysteries of Sound, Light, Energy, Vibrations and Quantum Physics which is articulating an emerging eschatology that bridges the New Age Religion (NAR) with the New Apostolic Reformation (also NAR). The book's second chapter provides great insight into the process by which this book's many authors are jointly concocting a new theology.*]

By Pastor Larry DeBruyn


Review of Chapter 2 (authored by Ellyn Davis):
"Extracting the Precious From the Worthless"

“Therefore, thus says the Lord, /
‘If you return, then I will restore you— /
Before Me you will stand; /
And if you extract the precious from the worthless, /
You will become My spokesman. /
They for their part may turn to you,
But as for you, you must not turn to them’.”

Emphasis added, Jeremiah 15:19[2]


In their searching for spiritual truth, Ellyn Davis proposes that Christians engage New Age Religion (NAR) to seek for and take back truths which originally belonged to citizens of the Kingdom of God. (TPOH, 15) In that counterfeits prove the existence of the genuine, Davis, a former hippie from the 60s, has decided to commence a search for truth amidst a spirituality of lies. By her admission, she views much in New Age Religion that is “worthless,” but also thinks that its spirituality possesses truths which are “precious.” This assumption derives from her observing and being intrigued by “healings and mystical experiences and revelations” in New Age Religion which rival anything she “had seen or experienced” in the charismatic church; hence the chapter’s titleExtracting the Precious From the Worthless.(TPOH, 14)

Science and Soul
Additionally, Davis’ scientific training and background has aroused her curiosity to discover how the natural and spiritual worlds connect and interact. She had sensed that a relationship existed between soul and science, but had never considered adapting her spirituality to it. So her goal is to not only to seek out what is “precious” in NewAge Religion and incorporate it into her belief system, but also to integrate, as New Agers are doing, the Quantum Mysticism believed to be essential in our understanding of the universe’s spirituality. To lend scriptural support to this pursuit, Davis uses, or misuses (you decide), a prophecy taken from Jeremiah which she subtly combines with a personal revelation God gave her. We turn now to observe her permuted prophecy.

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Posted November 1, 2014

End-Time Scenarios of the New Alchemists

“But is now made manifest
by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ,
Who hath abolished death,
and hath brought life
and immortality
to light through the Gospel.”
(2 Tim. 1:10)


Graphic taken from the Optimal Human Modulation website[1]

Since Satan’s great fall, man too has attempted to become like God Most High. Down through the centuries rebellious men have stiffened their necks in defiance to the Creator and have devised various methods and religious pathways in vain attempts to morph themselves into immortal or divine beings—apart from the Gospel of Salvation. All of them—from the ancient alchemists to the modern-day Mormons, Masons, and Transhumanists—have failed (and will fail) miserably because the God of the Bible has chosen only one way for sinful mankind to achieve true immortality: through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

In contradiction to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm” (PPP)-leaders (our term) have given hearty heed to these rebellious ideologues. By giving credence to these machinations to undo the curse of sin, these PPP-teachers peddle new eschatology scenarios to unsuspecting Christians under the guise of a postmodern scientific alchemical concoction: Transhumanism (or Posthumanism).

The PPP-proponents have capitalized on the foreboding and sensational elements of the Posthuman movement by stirring up fear and dread with unbiblical teachings that say the Transhumanists will not only succeed in their God-defying schemes, but in doing so will threaten the extinction of the human race. This faulty idea is found nowhere in Scripture.

While on the one hand the PPP-collaborators have loudly and publicly denounced Transhumanism as wicked and unbiblical, on the other they’ve piggybacked their own preposterous speculations, imaginations, suppositions, and conjectures onto the Transhumanist movement to arrive at bizarre doctrines that are foreign to the Scriptures. In so doing they give unintentional validity and credibility to the Posthumanist’s ill-fated plots. They have mingled the immortal visions of the Transhumanists with their own contorted false Nephilim doctrines and apocalyptic end-time scenarios—which perilously do an end-run around the Book of Revelation (not that they could ever succeed in undoing the truths of the divine revelations in this book). These endtime teachers seem to be attempting to re-write the future (eschatology), and in the process they are abandoning, ignoring and contorting God's Word.

This article will first examine Trans/Posthuman teachings and then analyze how they are altering evangelical beliefs and eschatology.

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September/October 2014

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By Jewel Grewe


By Pastor Anton Bosch


By Sarah H. Leslie

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New Book Release!


By Paul Smith

Like Cascading Dominoes the intentional departure from believing the Bible is inerrant has plunged the church of the 21st century down the treacherous slippery slope of accommodation and compromise.


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Also Available!

Contentiously Contending!

By Anton Bosch

Back in 2007 this blog ran a series of messages by Pastor Anton Bosch on the topic of "contentiously contending." We are pleased to announce that these messages have been published in a booklet.


Herescope readers who loved the series will be happy to know that they can now order this in a printed booklet format - for only $3.00 per copy! Order your copies at the Discernment Products Page (Books) HERE, or by phoning 903-567-6423.

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