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March/April/May 2016


Have you checked the latest HERESCOPE?

Posted June 20, 2016

OR... maybe you are Mega-Funded?

When I hear adults say, ‘I don’t like a big church. I like about 200. I wanna be able to know everybody.’ I say you are so stinkin’ selfish. You care nothing about the next generation. All you care about is you and your five friends. You don’t care about your kids, anybody else’s kids. If you don’t go to a church large enough, where you can have enough middle-schoolers and high-schoolers so they can have small groups and grow up the local church, you are a selfish adult. Get over it. Find yourself a big ol’ church where your kids can connect with a bunch of people, and grow up and love the local church. Instead, what you do… you drag your kids to a church they hate, and then they grow up and hate the local church, and then they go off to college, and you pray there’ll be a church in their college town that they connect with, and guess what: all those churches are big, the kind of church you don’t like. Don’t attend a church that teaches your children to hate church.
~Andy Stanley[1]


Yeah, we know this is old news. But we have a little piece of the puzzle that might shed light on the inflammatory comment that Andy Stanley originally delivered (above), and a possible explanation for his retraction as well.

Below is one of the most popular, but controversial, of all of Pastor Anton Bosch's articles. Since this was originally published several months ago it has generated much response, both pro and con. With Pastor Anton's permission, and with his minor modifications, we are republishing this on this blog. We have added a few editorial notes of our own to his footnotes.

As you read this article keep in mind that Andy Stanley* was trained by Leadership Network as an up-and-coming young man, along with the others who would go on to become leaders in the Emergent/Emerging movements, which was also done alongside the formation of the Megachurch and New Calvinist leadership streams. Thus his promotion of the megachurch is tied in directly to the ideas espoused by Peter Drucker, the leadership guru, who taught several generations of Leadership Network pastors that the church should be run like a corporation, and the pastoral function that of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). We wrote about this in our monograph The Pied Pipers of Purpose specifically, and more recently we described how the process worked in our 4-part series “We Are Not ABANDONED”**

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Posted May 31, 2016

Part 2

Read Part 1: Slackerly Sloths


 “The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit
than seven men that can render a reason.”

(Prov. 26:16)

Strong's H6102: עָצֵל ʻ‚tsÍl, aw-tsale'; from H6101; indolent:—slothful, sluggard.[1]


sluggard (n.) 
late 14c., late 13c. as a surname, "habitually lazy person," from Middle English
sluggi "sluggish, indolent," probably from a Scandinavian word such as dialectal Norwegian slugga "be sluggish," dialectal Norwegian sluggje "heavy, slow person," dialectal Swedish slogga "to be slow or sluggish."[2]

slug (n.1) 
"shell-less land snail," 1704, originally "lazy person" (early 15c.); related to sluggard.[3]

Another animal that was named after an old biblical word because of its unique characteristics is the common garden slug. Slugs are well-known garden pests whose behavior has been extensively studied in order to better learn how to control and, to be quite frank, eradicate (kill) them. These are similar to snails but most slugs have no external shell:

A slug is any snail in which the shell is completely lost, or buried in the mantle. If land snails are an unlikely proposition, then slugs seem doubly unlikely — but there are some 500 species of terrestrial slugs, and approximately 1000 species of land-dwelling “semi-slugs” in which the shell has become reduced to the point where the animal cannot withdraw fully into it.[4]

Slugs are slow creeping creatures that can severely damage growing plants. Without a shell they are quite obviously vulnerable to natural predators.[5] These two descriptions alone provide applications to the biblical description of a sluggard. In the Bible sluggards are negligent about the Word of God – i.e, not hearing nor diligently searching the Scriptures, which is the Word of life.

In contrast to sluggard, Proverbs suggests that we emulate the characteristics of the ant. A recent fascinating article in Entymology Today reports that "Ants Can Lift up to 5,000 Times Their own Body Weight, New Study Suggests."[6]

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March/April/May 2016

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By Pastor Gary Osborne

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